Traffic Concerns

Let’s work together on road safety, improving traffic flow, and plans for long-term concerns.


I am passionate about ensuring that Ferndale puts a high priority on road safety. Our goal should always be zero major accidents and zero fatalities. Ferndale should use public input and traffic incident data to identify areas of concern and plan to resolve those issues before major accidents occur. Planning for safe roads includes non-vehicular traffic such as bikes and pedestrians. Areas with high pedestrian traffic, especially in areas where children walk to and from school, will be high on my list of priorities for improvements such as sidewalks and road crossings.

Traffic Flow

Currently, traffic in Ferndale is generally light with minimal slow-downs. However, as we all know, Ferndale traffic between the Main Street I-5 overpass and 4th Ave. is frustratingly slow during afternoon rush hour. The city will be executing the Thornton overpass project to alleviate some of the current and future congestion. This project will take multiple years to execute. As a Civil Engineer, I am particularly excited about working on solutions to alleviate the traffic congestion now, such as upgrading traffic signals along Main so that they can utilize variable timing to keep traffic flowing during rush.

Long-Term Concerns

As part of the Growth Management Act (GMA), cities are required to review current and future traffic patterns. If you’re interested, the most current “Transportation Element” is located here:

We are a rapidly growing city. A laser focus on transportation needs is necessary to ensure that we keep up with population growth. We cannot allow traffic to become unmanageable or unsafe. I will advocate for cost-effective solutions and encourage public participation in the process.