Ryan O’Larey – Ferndale City Councilmember Position 5

My wife, two sons, and I all love living in Ferndale. I am thrilled to represent you on the City Council and devote myself to making Ferndale even better.

I believe Ferndale can be a city that encourages growth and maintains our small-town feel; supports good paying industry jobs and values the environment; revitalizes infrastructure and preserves history; respects individuals and strives for the common good. To achieve this, I am committed to the post-partisanship ideals of using data and facts instead of emotions, finding allies instead of enemies, and advancing good ideas regardless of their origin.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated or confused by a city decision?

City Council actions have major impacts on our community. Yet participating in our government isn’t always easy. I have committed to being more than just being accessible; I actively seek out your input because I firmly believe your voice adds value.

If like many Ferndale residents you are too busy with kids, your job, your health, or other activities to attend Council and Committee Meetings, the city in missing out on your ideas and input.

I commit to giving you a chance to participate in the City Council process.

How do I seek out your voice?

I have developed a 3-step process:


Before a Council meeting, I will send you:

A survey that summarizes what is being voted on, a neutral view of the pros/cons, and my current position.


At the end of each survey topic, you will be able to MAKE YOURSELF HEARD.

From your phone or computer, YOU will tell me if you agree with my current position. You can also provide feedback and ideas.

Simply sign up to participate at the bottom of this site and your voice will be heard.


I am committed to reaching out to each and every constituent who is interested in participating.

Your participation helps to ensure that I am listening to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of Ferndale. When you participate, you can be confident that your voice is heard.

Ryan O’Larey

Ferndale City Council Member

Position 5

2548 Placid Place, Ferndale WA


(219) 512-0952

Sign up below to make your voice heard by providing your Name and Email. I also invite you to send me your thoughts on Ferndale.

Both Ferndale residents and non-residents can participate. Your email will be used to send you issue surveys. Thank you for making your voice heard!

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